Political consulting course

Learn about new political technologies for elections, about PR strategies of leading political technologists of Donald Trump, Emanuel Macron, Petro Poroshenko, Viktor Yushchenko, Vladimir Zelensky, and others.

Kyiv city, provulok Pamvy Beryndy, 6
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Kyiv school of public administration named after Serhiy Nuzny aims at preparing experts and envisages a few study programs.

For his brief span of life Sergii Nuznui had made a great many good deeds for Ukraine. His goal was to bring to power a new generation of leaders with aren’t skewed by communist lie consciousness and make Ukraine a flourishing, wealthy, and happy country. Our aim is to make this dream come true. Mission of KSPA :
- create a professional patriotic pro-Ukrainian political elite


  • providing world best knowledge in the field of public administration
  • cooperation with the greatest world-known universities
  • flexible and affordable educational programs for all categories of population
  • graduates professional realization supporting
  • analytical supporting in transforming of public service of Ukraine